Shubham Nishad

Blogs to follow

Sat, Jun 24, 2017


  • Steve Yegge of Google fame: He has very strong opinion about things and most of them are pretty valid.
  • Hacker News: my daily dose of tech news with a highly critical corwd.
  • Joel Spolsky: He’s the co-founder of Stack Overflow, you cant go wrong with him. His articles are very detailed and act as a guide for surviving in Software world.
  • Julia Evans: Julia is famous for her ability to explain concepts very easily. Her articles are regularly on the front page of hacker news.
  • Wait But Why: Not a technical site but you can satisfy your intellect by reading some of the articles.
  • Coding Horror: Coding Horror is a place for Jeff Atwood(co-founder of Stack Overflow) to share his views and findings on technology.
  • The Daily WTF: your daily entertainment site, it contains examples of how not to do software engineering.
  • Dan luu: Ex-Google and Microsoft employee, Dan is considered a industry expert on hardware and software deveopment.
  • History of Web: Gives you the reason behind why html has weird tags, why web is what it is.
  • The Morning Paper: Wvery weekday a short summary of an important, influential, topical or otherwise interesting paper in the field of computer science is provided by Adrian Colyer.

Taking baby steps at this movement,I’ll try to update the list whenever possible.