Shubham Nishad

Toki-keep a note

Sat, Jun 24, 2017
#Django #html


A simple note taking app made with Django.

Toki is a simple note taking Django project. It was developed to act as a Hands-on and to increase my experience with a MVC framework(MTV as in the case of Django).

I was interested in Django from the first time I searched about and after a little investigation I choose Django as the base for this project.

Features of Toki - keep a Note

  • customize notes using the markdown editor.You dont need to know markdown, the editor will help you.
  • You can Rename, Save, Update, Delete notes.
  • support for code blocks and highlighting
  • Fully responsive. use any device and always find the best layout.

Things I like about Django.

  • Lots and lots of quality packages
  • Full featured web framework
  • Great community support and excellent documentation
  • Really good ORM. It was really easy to work with DB.
  • You can very quickly make a functional web app when you want to test your ideas.

Things I Learned

  • Working with a MVC or you can say MTV.
  • By doing this project I came to know how Django works and what powers does it has.
  • integrating differnt packages into a single project
  • Database operations on a RDBMS
  • hosting and configuring the project on

Resources/packages used

  • django-crispy-forms: it makes your forms way more beautiful or I should say crispy.
  • virtualenv: its a no-brainer.
  • django-pagedown: provides easy editor for markdown input.
  • many other packages are used, for them do check the requirement

How to run the project locally

Download the zip or Clone this repository: git clone

Install the dependencies by simply executing: pip install -r requirements.txt

Run this command to start the app: python runserver

Visit on your web browser and don’t forget to give me some feedback.


License MIT