Shubham Nishad

Sat, Jun 24, 2017
#Hugo #html

I believe every developer (atleast web developer) should have a place on the net to display or showcase his/her work. is my place to showcase different projects and to capture my journey and growth as a Software Developer.

Technologies used in my site

  • Hugo – the fastest static site generator made with go.
  • Github Pages for free hosting solution.
  • Cloudfare for acting as CDN and also providing free SSL certificate.
  • Travis CI for Continuous Integration and Deployment.
  • Many tweaks for SEO Optimization

Some special things:

1.One click Deployment: As soon as I make changes and commit to Github, a build is being started by Travis CI and it generates the pages using the latest Hugo Binary and adds them to the gh-pages branch.

2.Faster Pages: The cloudfare cdn ovides very good pagespeed results and as we have SSL certificate we get higher SEO ranking along with the security features.

3.More Secure: As this a static site, it is less prone to attacks and also does not slow down with time like a wordpress site.