Shubham Nishad

QR Code Generator

Sat, Jun 24, 2017
#jQuery #Chrome #html

QR Code Generator

Generate fast and simple QR codes for sharing. Download the extension here

Although this a chrome extension but a web version using the same code is hosted on Github Pages for a quick look.

I wanted to learn to make extensions from the first time I used one. This extension acted as the perfect idea and hence it was born. This is one part of my QRCode sharing project. The other part is located here.


  • Standalone QRcode generation (doesn’t depend on external services).
  • Option to save the generated qrcode as image on local machine.
  • Simple and Intuitive design.

Resources/Packages used

How to run the project

Download the extension here


Use the web version here


Download or clone the repo and use the index.html file.


  • publishing on the chrome store
  • adding option to use the extension by right-click action
  • adding more customization options like background color

License MIT