Shubham Nishad


come, check my work


Scan Barcode & QR code is a simple and fast code scanner with all the features a modern android app.


A Django based online judge made using the Hackerrank API. Fully featured with contests, tracks and various leaderboards. Highly functional code editor using Ace Editor.

Lyrics Search React

Simple react app. Find lyrics of songs using Musixmatch api.

QR Code Generator

Generate fast and simple QR codes for sharing with this chrome extension along with option to save the generated qrcode as image.

Personal Website made using Hugo. Github Pages + Custom Domain + Cloudfare CDN.Continuous Integration and Deployment using Travis CI.

Toki-keep a note

Toki is a simple note taking Django project. It was developed to act as a Hands-on and to increase my experience with a MVC framework

URL Shortener

A simple and easy to use web app built using Django. Based on base62 encoding. REST API for retrieving data easily.