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I'm Shubham Nishad.

Student in Computer Science Budding Software Engineer

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About Me

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Hey there! I'm Shubham, a student in Computer Science. I'm currently looking for internship opportunities in Software Engineering. Thanks for checking out my page! Cheers!


  • Fullname Shubham Rajesh Nishad
  • Qualifications
    • Bachelors in Information Technology
    • Software Developer
  • Hobbies
    • Investigating Tech
    • Football (Manchester United)
    • Binge watch Serials (The Wire = ❤)

Top Skills

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  • Intermediate
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More of my credentials.

Work Experience

Web Developer

July 2017 - Present

Computer Society of India (College chapter)

  • Web Daemon: Developed a Django based Quiz app for TechMate 2k17 which had more than 300 users.
  • Designed frontend for csirait.com, BitCamp 2018, TechMate 2k17 in a team of four members.
  • Technical Volunteer for TechMate 2k17 and various workshops organized during 2017-18.


Bachelor of Engineering

Information Technology
July 2015 - May 2019

GPA: 9.2/10.0

University of Mumbai

  • Certificate of Academic Excellence 2015-16 and 2017-18.
  • First Year Branch Topper. Excellent performance in the University Examinations 2015-16.
  • 3rd rank in Third year. Excellent performance in the University Examinations 2017-18.
  • Ranked 3th out of 154 students from my Cohort.
  • Full Syllabus

My Projects


September 2017

Technologies used

Django,HTML+CSS,Postgresql, jQuery,Highcharts.js,Hackerrank

Django Webapp

  • A Django based online judge made using the Hackerrank API.
  • Fully featured with contests, tracks and various leaderboards.
  • Highly functional code editor using Ace Editor.
  • Github here

ScanBarcode & QR code App and QR code generator extension

June 2017

Technologies used

Android,Java,HTML,CSS,jQuery, SQLite

Android App

  • Designed the barcode scanner using Zxing library.
  • Implemented SQLite database to store, retrieve and delete scanned codes.
  • Added ability to share the code with other users.
  • Github here

Chrome Extension

  • Implemented the generation using jQuery and its jquery.qrcode plugin.
  • Added option to save the generated code as image on local machine.
  • Github here

Toki - keep a note

March 2017

Technologies used

Django,HTML+CSS,MYSQL, jQuery,Markdown

Django Webapp

  • A Note taking app with Live Preview and Markdown editor.
  • User can perform CRUD operations and has his own profile section.
  • Support for code blocks and highlighting is also provided.
  • Github here


July 2017 - Present

Technologies used

Hugo,HTML+CSS,Markdown,Cloudfare CDN,Github Pages, Travis CI.

Personal Website

  • Made using Hugo for faster generation of static pages.
  • Hosted on Github Pages using custom domain along with Cloudfare CDN.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment using Travis CI.
  • Github here

URL Shortener

August 2017

Technologies used

Django,HTML+CSS,SQLite, particles.js,Django REST framework.

Django Webapp

  • Url shortening using Base62 encoding. (a-zA-Z0-9)
  • Beautiful background using particles.js
  • REST API for retrieving data easily.
  • Github here


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